You wouldn’t find yourself going a day without scrolling Facebook! We all do! While there are any things that can be done on Facebook, creating an instant connect with your audience is challenging. Having a business and professional Facebook presence requires a lot of hard work and creative thinking because all your efforts should be dedicated at standing out from the rest. It is crucial to be clever and ingenious while marketing on Facebook.
Here are some useful Facebook marketing tips that will help you in establishing a connection with your audience and thereby build a loyal follower base:
Facebook Insights
Before you plan your marketing strategy for Facebook, it is important to refer to Facebook Insights. Even if you have been advertising on Facebook all this while, did you study the demographics and insights about audience engagement on your page? Your first step is to know your audience properly. The Facebook Insights tool provides you an opportunity to know everything about your audience. If you get more information about the interested people who have joined your page, you will be able to market your business better.
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Study important information about your audience like their relationships, the job they do, their interests, their page status and the kind of products they are interested in. Facebook insights provide information about important factors like demographics, page likes, location and language, Facebook usage, purchase activity etc. All these are important parameters to create a highly engaging Facebook marketing campaign.
Run A Simple Contest
Facebook contests are not new, you might have taken up a contest yourself! However, if a contest is about a topic of interest to your audience, it will up the engagement quotient almost immediately! Running a Facebook contest with an alluring incentive is one of the most effective ways to arise engagement. The best thing about having a contest is that it doesn’t have to be very complicated, even a simple contest with a general topic can go a long way in getting your customers engaged. When the time slot of the content is over, announce the winner on your page and declare the prize, this is a very effective way of connecting with people.
Create Short And Alluring Videos
If you have posted videos earlier and you didn’t get the appropriate response, this could be due to one of these reasons:
• Your videos were too long
• Your videos were not engaging enough
Facebook users want to be entertained and you have to keep this factor in mind while creating videos. Facebook is a social platform and most of the people are there to spend some time or just stalk some friends; so you have to divert the attention of the users quickly with video content that is engaging and entertaining. You must design and post short and sweet videos that are informative and give out a message. You can re-design your video tutorials or give out information; but the video would be well animated to hold user interest. Check the video for yourself before posting; think from a layman’s point of view, will you be interested in seeing the video completely? Only then post the video.
For instance, we see a lot of quick recipe posts on Facebook, they are quick and one gets all the information about the recipe. Plan on making such short videos as they will get the maximum views.
Pay For Promoting Your Best Content
Content that is useful for your audience can win hearts for you but you need to reach out to maximum people with your content. You might be reporting bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly in order to analyze which content resonates the most with your audience when it comes to shares, comments, page views and other user engagement metrics. With all this information at your disposal, it is important to make use of this data to determine where you should be focusing your Facebook promotion budget. It is a good idea to invest money for your best content for promoting it with more exposure. If your audience can connect with the content, they will like it, share it and leave comments and this is a huge milestone for your business brand.
Facebook is a crucial marketing platform and you need to leverage on it for creating a loyal audience base. Every step that you take towards strengthening your relationship with your audience is going to pay off in the long run. The key to reach out to a maximum number of people is to focus on a Facebook marketing combination of organic search and paid promotions. It is important to constantly work on growing your network on Facebook, analyzing audience behavior and posting engaging content.