The lockdown and restrictions created by the Covid-19 pandemic have created a new paradigm for almost all types and sizes of businesses. While business revenues have been adversely affected, the digital environment continues to allow you to reach out to your target audience without any restrictions.
You can use the digital medium to be in the forefront for creating brand awareness. However, market dynamics are much different than what they were earlier. You will need some innovative digital marketing techniques to reach out to your audience during this period of lockdown.
Post Videos On Social Media
Before the Covid-19 lockdowns began, an average of 84 minutes of video content used to be consumed globally everyday and this average is expected to increase significantly. Your business can create video content and stream it on social media to drive greater engagement. It is recommended to create different types of video content and not just marketing-focused videos. Videos have the potential to catch people’s attention quickly. This makes it one of the most lucrative promotional ideas in this scenario.
Live streaming on social media can be an effective, simple and affordable way to generate traffic for your content, social media pages and website. A simple strategy can be to create live QnA videos to interact and engage with your target audience. Videos can also be used for marketing research to improve your product offerings.
Conduct Contests And Polls
One positive thing that has come out of this lockdown is the availability of abundance of time for your target audience. This is an opportunity for you to engage them with your contest and poll campaigns.
You can create many types of contests with different goals and structures. Some of the options you can try include:
Event-Based Contest : These contests can be focused on certain occasions like special events and holidays. Identify special holidays and events during this period, maybe with cultural or historical significance and run special event-based contests around the topic.
Polls : Create polls and give multiple options to your audience to choose from. Polls are excellent tools for gaining valuable information and you can offer some reward in return for the answers. You can also give them the option of ‘pick-a-prize’ to make the poll even more interesting and engaging.
Quiz : Quiz contests can be created to give your audience the opportunity to have fun and win potential prizes. Remember, people like feeling smart and these contests can make them feel accomplished. You may also use this opportunity to get insights into your audiences’ knowledge of brand-related topics.
Send Appealing Newsletters
As your target audience tends to spend more time online during this lockdown, they are certainly going to check their email inbox multiple times a day. Creating and sending appealing newsletters with the right subject lines and messages can make a huge difference in your branding efforts.
Email marketing is not just about driving your potential customers to your physical or online store. It can play an invaluable role in reminding them of your brand. Appealing newsletters involve a combination of ideal graphics, colors, textual content and even videos.
Some of the key advantages of this strategy include:
• Connect better with your customers
• Build brand awareness
• Newsletters are cost-effective digital marketing strategies
• High audience reach capabilities
Conduct Online Classes And Courses
People are looking ahead to make the most of the time that they have in hand, they are interested in learning something new more than ever now!
You can start conducting educational training or offer online courses. With unemployment numbers increasing, online classes and courses are being seen by many as excellent opportunities to get prepared for job interviews when the lockdowns and restrictions are pulled.
You can create courses and offer them for free. Make sure to lay the course material with enough branding to keep you on top of their mind. Use one or more formats to create your courses – choosing between PDF, video, and other formats. This can help address the different content preferences of your audience.
Invest In Paid Advertising According To Your Budget
A good thing about paid advertising or pay-per-click advertising is that it allows campaign reaction based on your budget. Another good thing about it is that it is highly targeted. As most of your target audience is at home and is spending a lot of time online, you have a great opportunity in using paid advertising to reach out to them with your message or product.
Surveys also show that the average cost-per-click has reduced over the past few weeks. Thus, you will have to spend lesser when someone clicks on your ads. Paid advertising also gives you the opportunity to get a significant hold on the market.
You still have various avenues at your disposal to create brand awareness. This is a good time to drive more traffic and to get more conversions. Get creative with your posts and advertisements and you will be able to create a great impact on your target audience.