Content marketing is a dynamic digital marketing strategy that has always evolved with time. Methods that may have worked a few years ago may not be effective now because of changes in technologies, algorithms, consumer needs, strategies implemented and other elements. While it continues to change and it can be difficult to get around the latest challenges, there are some strategies that can help you achieve amazing results.
Here are 5 impactful content marketing strategies to drive business growth:
1. Have Attractive Headlines
It is extremely important to create attractive and well-optimized headlines for your content. There are many points to be addressed in this regard:
• Set a consistent tone that is in line with your brand. At the same time, each new piece of content should feel different and unique.
• Make the most of the social trends, but avoid cheap click-bait headlines that draw attention away from the value provided by the content.
• Highlight the keywords that your target audience is searching for, but make sure to write for human readers and not for the search engine bots.
• The headlines should be easily comprehensible and clear, but they should not sound too technical or dull.
It is crucial to balance all these points while ensuring that the headlines are no longer than the accepted character limits.
2. Answer Questions Through Your Content
The technique of ‘searching’ something online has evolved significantly because of the advanced algorithms used by Google and other search engines. In the past, users would search using one or two keywords. Today, people can search for an entire phrase, which can be a full question. So it is a good strategy to create content that answers these questions.
So, how can you find the right questions to answer? When you understand the questions your audience is asking, it helps improve your keyword research skills. You will be able to create new content topics. The following sources should help you come up with relevant questions to answer:
• Find questions on Twitter
• Check Yahoo Answers
• Use free tools to find relevant topics in high demand for answers
• Use Google’s “people also ask” feature
3. Share Your Content Through Social Media
Social media continues to be one of the biggest online revolutions in recent times. Facebook reports over 2.5 billion monthly active users and continues to grow at a staggering rate. Sharing and re-sharing your content on different social media sites helps in generating more traffic.
Traffic generated from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks can transform into more:
• Conversions
• Leads
• Revenues
It is highly recommended to re-share your content because most of your competition is not doing it.
4. Update Your Old Content
Most content is going to have outdated information after some time. Outdated content is not just bad for search engines; it is also bad for your targeted audience as well. Even when your content is generating good traffic currently, it is important to ensure that it is updated from time to time.
Apart from the technical aspects, not updating your content can also create a poor image. Your goal is always to provide your audience with accurate information. Failing to update your content will not help you achieve this goal.
Updating your content with up-to-date information will further help more people to discover it more easily. Make sure to promote your refurbished content, again and again, to help it get found.
5. Provide Information Instead Of Trying To Sell
This is perhaps the most important strategy in content marketing. Unlike past strategies that focused on the overuse of keyword optimization and the use of promotional content, long-term content marketing success requires the creation of valuable information. Instead of trying to sell, it is recommended to teach your target audience the value that they will get through your products and services.
Content marketing is different from advertising; and it works the best this way. It is all about providing information and not about selling. While it is a ‘marketing’ strategy, you should be marketing your content and not your products or services. The goal behind that marketing effort is to build an audience that reads, uses, and shares your content.
Addressing the point mentioned above about answering questions, it is important to tell your audience about what they want to know and not what you want them to know about. So, it is recommended to implement these content marketing strategies to generate the results you want. This is a way to make people trust your brand!